Home ice cream machine purchase skills

by:Hommy     2019-12-10
1. Look at the compressor of ice cream machine there are mainly two kinds of household ice cream machines on the market at present. One is with Compressor. This kind of ice cream machine can directly refrigerate and quickly make ice cream, the lowest price is above 1500; In addition, an ice cream machine does not have a compressor. It needs to be made with the help of a refrigerator. The price is low at 100-Between 300, the production is relatively time-consuming. 2. Look at the condensate of the ice cream machine. If you choose an ice cream machine without a compressor, it depends on whether its condensate is imported, condensate is a special refrigerating substance with extremely low freezing point temperature. When it is frozen in the refrigerator for several hours, the liquid will absorb the heat in the body through liquefaction during stirring, so as to achieve the effect of refrigeration, so for ice cream machines without compressors, condensate is the key to making ice cream. Good imported condensate has a short freezing time and usually only needs to be put into the refrigerator for about 8 hours, at the same time, the production time can be shortened. 3, look at the ice cream machine mixing ice cream machine brand products should also choose to use the push-type mixing rotating page ice cream machine, such a rotating page is easier to form, the ice cream is also more beautiful, and the taste is better. 4, look at the body of the ice cream machine to choose food grade materials, so that it will be healthier. 5, look at the ice cream machine liner is best all aluminum, such a liner is more durable, but also can quickly conduct temperature.
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