Hard ice cream machine usage

by:Hommy     2020-07-03
In handling and moving ice cream machine, Angle not more than 45 degrees, read the ice cream machine user's manual in detail before use, this probably introduced under the hard ice cream machine usage. A, installation of various accessories, set the hard ice cream machine. To set aside 50 cm space surrounding the ice cream machine, maintain good ventilation effect, environmental temperature in 5 ~ 40 degrees, the best temperature is lower. 220 v power supply requirement, in order to use the safe, please make sure that the ice cream machine grounding is good. Second, cleaning using ice cream, ice cream machine just the factory need to machine wash. With warm water with a moderate amount of disinfectant, disinfection hot mixture material cylinder, cylinder cleaning. After cleaning, unscrew the handle nut, the disinfectant discharge screw on the handle nut. Pour water into cylinder, cleaning material cylinder, discharge water, suggest washing a few times more. After the completion of the cleaning, ensure the screw on the handle nut. Three, will make ice cream ice cream powder and water in strict accordance with the ratio of ice cream powder instructions, stirring evenly in the container, there can be no granular, feed temperature between 5 ~ 35 degrees, according to the size of the ice cream machine easily, will allocate the stirred material amount in ice cream machine material cylinder, cover with lid. Switch on mixing, ice cream machine begin to work. Set the timer in the direction shown by the arrow of time, the range is 0 ~ 60 minutes, 30 minutes. Refrigeration system work, timer back to zero, if the ice cream has not yet been forming, can again appropriate timing, again continue to refrigeration, until the ice cream shape. Shut down after the ice cream machine, ice cream into the bin, into the ice cream showcase. Four, how to wash after using the ice cream machine, ice cream machine for cleaning, steps and similar before use, just use ice cream residue, so need to remove the parts cleaning, such as blade, stirring spring seals, etc. , after the cleaning to assemble in place.
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