Hair cold pizza fermentation problem solving by hand

by:Hommy     2020-07-16
1. Not the dough fermentation ( Embodied in the pizza not coloring, the dough is hard, it's not easy to rub away) Solution: this problem the main key or the fermentation temperature, fermentation temperature is better at 4 degrees, save for a long time, if the temperature reaches 6 - 8 degrees, to save time is short. But because of the quality problem of the freezer itself, some students will find adjusted to 4 degrees, freezers will cool down to 1 - 3 degrees, thus cause the dough fermentation or inadequate fermentation. The need to raise the temperature of the freezer, the best way is to put a thermometer in the dough box, observe the actual temperature to be adjusted again. 2. Too much dough fermentation ( Show the dough bubbles, too soft) Solution: if in summer, and the time, the water temperature is lower, in 1 - best 2 degrees. Less freezer to the door, to avoid air loss. Otherwise it's easy to have a due to high water temperature is higher or freezer temperature dough fermentation too soon. Is the best way to control the temperature of the dough around 4 degrees as well. If winter, excessive fermentation is rare, because the environment temperature is very low. 3. Baked pizza dough fermentation is good, but the color is not good solution: this is usually because the refrigerator temperature is low, the back of the fermentation temperature is low, encounter the situation, can put the dough at room temperature to heat up, should be inserted on the dough a probe thermometer, let the dough up to 8 degrees ( Highest do not exceed 10 degrees) And then making a pizza. Hypothesis but need it is worth noting that the dough temperature up to 8 degrees or so, if you still don't have to make, please send to heat up the dough back into the freezer storage, to replace a box without heating up the dough still preserved in the at room temperature.
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