Future domestic beverage industry development present four trend

by:Hommy     2019-12-08
In the future, China's beverage industry will present four major development trends: first, with the enhancement of consumers' awareness of health care, the beverage industry will change from functional beverage to nutritional beverage in the future; Second, children's beverages are still the dominant ones in the current domestic beverage market, but with the influence of competition, homogenization of products, consumption of aging population, enhancement of health care awareness and other factors, middle-aged and elderly beverages are expected to become the new favorite of the beverage market; Third, with the diversification of consumption demand, beverage products will gradually change from single type to compound type; Fourth, with the diversification of living elements and consumers' understanding of health elements, beverages will change from fruity type to fruit and vegetable type. In the future, the beverage industry will be further developed healthily. The demand of the beverage industry will continue to rise, the production capacity will be expanded, and the industrial structure will be further improved and optimized.
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