Fruit preservation tank daily cleaning and maintenance

by:Hommy     2020-07-04
Electrical equipment, so the maintenance of fruit preservation tank is not exceptional also, fruit preservation tank daily cleaning and maintenance should pay attention to the following: 1, clean fruit fresh cabinet appearance and inner box: A, use A soft dry cloth to wipe, or dipped in neutral detergent to wipe clean with wet cloth to wipe clean, after must not flush of air-conditioner. B, to keep the cooler clean, regular cleaning and maintenance, please. 2, fruit preservation tank daily cleaning and maintenance notice: A, for the sake of safety, be sure to pull out the power cord after cleaning. B, don't water directly for fruit preservation tank, washing, prevent to cause a short circuit, please use neutral detergent ( Consumption of detergent) 。 C, if cooking oil ( Animal or vegetable oil) Adhere to for a long time in refrigerator gaskets, plastic parts, such as box, can make the plastic parts easy to aging and lists, often cleanness maintains, please. D, the following items will spray finish a few door sealing strip, box, box, etc. Plastic surface. Alkaline detergent, soap powder grinding, boiling water, banana water, acetone, toluene, and do not use the most organic solvents.
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