Fruit preservation tank common compressor fault analysis and repair

by:Hommy     2020-07-04
Fruit preservation tank used as commercial freezers, poor environment, strength, hard to avoid malfunction, the compressor is the core of fruit for storage refrigeration components, is also the main source of trouble, here is the fruit preservation tank common compressor fault analysis and repair: first understand fruit preservation tank under the principle of compressor, the compressor will be promoted to high pressure low pressure gas a follower of fluid machinery. Is the heart of the refrigeration system, which from the suction suction low temperature low pressure refrigerant gas, through the motor run a piston to compress, the exhaust pipes of high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas. Let's together to get to know its failure and maintenance. Operation time, refrigeration effect is poor. Boot check, evaporator frosting evenly, but uneven cooling condenser. Cut process pipe, use gas welding separate the high and low pressure pipe welding head, electric commissioning, test and high pressure with finger back and forth across a gas pipe mouth feel shock, plug low pressure pipe and pipe to the compressor suction into the vacuum after downtime, high pressure pipe mouths with finger feel sucked the finger, illustrate that the compressor valve closed lax, high and low voltage mixes up. Fruit for storage of the compressor of the above solutions: grind the valve plate and valve slice, add refrigerant oil exhaust efficiency experiment was carried out, the compressor exhaust, breathe in good performance. Oil poured cold Chen, sealed by welding casing, filling the 1. After 0 mpa chlorine gas, make sure no leakage, add 450 ml18 frozen oil, recover the pipe under vacuum to add fluoride, troubleshooting. Thermostat open circuit check each line of the thermostat, if break or the virtual welding failure ruled out, but the compressor can't start, try the thermostat terminal short circuit. If compressor can work, explain the thermostat is damaged, replacement of the thermostat to troubleshooting; If the compressor is not running, may be there is something wrong with the compressor, the compressor should be replaced, can troubleshoot. Start the relay coil circuit or bad touch point contact. Cleaning the relay contact, with a fine sandpaper and appropriate adjustments relay rating, if we can't rule out the fault, it should be replaced relay. Motor start winding circuit measuring motor start winding resistance size, determine whether to start around open circuit, if the startup winding break line, should rewind start winding coil.
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