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by:Hommy     2020-07-03
Home appliance association analysis, points out that current as China's consumer spending power continuously improve, for the requirement of the supermarket freezers for fruits are also gradually improve, home appliance can only meet the demand of basic functions has been more and more can't meet the requirements of consumers. And adjust the freezer in price in supermarkets. Fruit increases the production cost of fruit. In order to keep production losses to a minimum, bad weather in pushed back property early maturity varieties of fruit maturity. Fruit fresh supermarket freezers to increase management investment. Even so, the precocious peach and strawberry production will decrease, is expected to cut into 1 ~ 2. In view of the status of the real estate seasonal fruit, many fruit grain, fruit, fruit growers director agent said this year's seasonal fresh fruit supermarket freezers will rise in price. Comprehensive from large floating, masan, yangshan, agricultural agent, real estate this year fruit fresh supermarket freezers price fruit wholesale market expects overall rose twenty percent. Watermelon is obvious than last night, day hot later this year. Fruit fresh supermarket of air-conditioner sales situation is not ideal. A fruit stand is placed in the wide, 2 village branch vendors said, freezers because this watermelon listed price in supermarkets delayed by at least a week. Two years ago, in mid-may, phoeny and early spring ruby has become the most popular fruit. But this year, apple is still king pin now fruit fresh supermarket freezers. Although in some watermelon, but nearby residents purchase enthusiasm is not high. To this, the expert inside course of study thinks this is a good signal. This interdisciplinary diversity production is not what strange things already, like the snow, the world famous electronic companies such as haier has carried out the development model, it also suggests that the Chinese electrical appliances supermarket fruit fresh keeping of air-conditioner enterprises are marching toward the world-class home appliance enterprises. Cic advisory home appliance industry, researchers said Ren Minqi also supermarket freezers enterprises involved in a number of business credit, this is the full use of their own technological advantage, expanding industry chain, strengthen synergies. To this end, fresh fruit supermarket freezers more reasonable price. The local loquat will mature in the coming week. Large floating is wuxi suburbs famous throughout the fruit of the township &; There's a lot of fruit is waiting for loquat leaf maturity. At the current growth. Fresh fruit supermarket freezers loquat is the earliest mature in large floating quality fruit varieties. Last year at this time, loquat has listed. Loquat is delay, mainly because of low temperatures in spring, the summer came late. Fresh fruit supermarket freezers other mature fruits are delayed, the local unique quality fruit varieties & ndash; Drunken lee, listed in the middle of next month, according to nearly ten days delay than usual, at the appointed time, supermarket freezers price will also change. Home appliance industry watchers Lu Renbo also said in an interview with Beijing commercial daily reporter, as the fruit fresh supermarket freezers to the countryside policy came to an end, after many rely on policy and survival of small and medium enterprises will face elimination. In 2013 will become a Chinese supermarket freezers price industry consolidation period, large enterprises will become the dominant, seeking combined with their own strategic integration enterprise acquisitions.
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