Fruit for storage and vegetables preservation tank for daily use

by:Hommy     2020-07-04
Vegetables and fruit fresh keeping tank for storage is a common fruits and vegetables preservation equipment, proper use and maintenance can not only save electricity, also can increase its service life. Described below under the fruit preservation tank for storage and vegetables daily use note: 1, fresh fruit and vegetables fresh tank in use process, the door open too often, to minimize the number of open the door, shorten the time to open the door to reduce the air leakage, save electricity. 2, if the power cord is damaged, due to the need to use professional tools, must be replaced by special maintenance personnel. 3, don't put your fingers, sticks and other objects into the fan, otherwise there is a risk of injury. 4 items, don't hang on the door, have otherwise make the fruit fresh cabinet and vegetables fresh tank dumping, items, falling risk. 5, do not use hand direct contact with fruits and vegetables preservation ark for storage compressor, otherwise there is a risk of burns. 6, fresh fruit and vegetables preservation tank all around for condensing exhaust opening, should keep the area clean, avoid dust flying, influence the refrigeration effect. 7, fresh fruit and vegetables preservation tank should be paid attention to for A long time not to use: A, remove all items inside ark, pull out the power plug. B outside the ark, fresh fruit and vegetables should be clean, wipe moisture, mildew, and open the cupboard door, is C, should not be subjected to dry its full play in children, in order to avoid children go inside, produce risk.
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