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by:Hommy     2020-07-11
Freezer price - What are the basic attributes of freezer if you want to buy a suitable freezer, then you have to on the basis of the freezer attributes, these can only be better according to their own needs, select a money and beauty and freezers. So what are the basic properties of freezer? Just take a look at, along with freezer price below this knowledge and experience. 1. Effective volume, effective volume freezers refers to shut the door, the inner wall of the freezer surrounded by the size of the space available for storage items in the unit usually use liter ( L) Said. Manufacturers in product nameplate or marked the effective volume of the sample for the nominal effective volume of the product. 2. Incase temperature range and star regulation: ( 1) Cold storage temperature. Two-door double temperature refrigerator freezer temperature 0 ℃ - 10℃; Three on the temperature of the freezer GuoShuShi about 6 ℃ above; Four door freezer greenhouse design, used for cold fresh meat and bean curd, etc. , the temperature 0 ℃ - 10℃。 ( 2) The freezer temperature with star international rules to distinguish. 3. Compressor power input: freezer adopts fully enclosed compressor, the marked brand of the compressor input power. Such as shenzhen Hommy air-conditioner company production Hommy card 175 l freezers rotary compressor of the input power is 83 w. 4. Power consumption: freezers day power consumption is according to the national standard of measure, run under the ambient temperature of 250 c for 24 h to measure the consumed power, and mark on the product nameplate, the unit is (KWH / 24 hours 千瓦· h/24h) 。 For example the Hommy brand 175 l refrigerator power consumption of 1. 2千瓦· h/24h。 5. Power supply: the production of freezer with single-phase ac mains, rated voltage 220 v, 50 hz frequency. 6. Refrigerant and its filling quantity: at present, the household freezer use refrigerant R12 or everything for more. Different specifications of the freezer the refrigerant filling quantity is different, the same specifications of the coolers, different manufacturers, filling quantity is not necessarily the same. Manufacturers usually the refrigerant filling quantity marked on the product nameplate or instruction, used for maintenance. These are a freezer has the basic properties, and these are very helpful in our life, so that we can more deeply understand the freezer characteristics, use and maintenance is very convenient for the future. The above articles from Hommy freezers, provide various, medical freezers, freezer price supermarket freezers, freezer, convenience store industry, hotels, cake, stainless steel, etc. Series of freezer, for details, please login: freezer at https://www. hommy。 Com free order hotline: 400 - 6300 - 692
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