Freezer is not running because. . . 【 Hommy freezers 】

by:Hommy     2020-07-12
1, power grid blackout, fuse fusing, automatic air switch trip, leakage protector action fails, the machine power switch switch, timer into position the machine running, etc. , the freezer is actually not connected to the power supply. 2, power supply voltage is too low, the motor starting torque is small, the motor turns up, overload protector, cut off the machine power supply circuit. 3, remote control switch inside the battery power runs out the positive and negative polarity, and remote control switch is not working, freezers not received boot instruction. 4, improper freezers set temperature, such as refrigerating set temperature is higher than or equal to room temperature, refrigerating set temperature less than or equal to room temperature. 5, the running freezers, if shutdown immediately after boot, there are 3 min delay protection, freezer will not start at once. 6, the environment temperature is too high or too low, such as refrigeration when outdoor air temperature more than 43 ℃, heat pump heating when outdoor temperature is below - Within 5 ℃, machine protection device will automatically cut off power supply to the unit. The above article is the result of Hommy freezers, the company specializes in providing freezers prices, freezers, supermarket freezers want to know more information such as air-conditioner, please visit: https://www. hommy。 Com free order hotline: 0086 - 750 - 808分机6316991
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