Freezer different classification standards

by:Hommy     2020-07-12
With the development of science and technology, freezers production enterprise constantly, constantly improve the innovation on the performance of the freezer, with abundant refrigeration equipment market, meet the demand of the masses of users. Now on the market a variety of functions of various types of freezer, plenty. What energy saving, no, no cream, preservation, and so on, to let you know so, choose difficult. Actually these freezers is three, air-cooled chiller freezers, straight any cabinet, straight any cabinet. Between them are the same, most just name is different. Mei freezers for everybody below summarized as follows: 1. According to the appearance, can be divided into two categories, vertical freezers and horizontal freezers. 2. According to the cooling way points, can be divided into air-cooled freezer ( Frost-free freezer) , ZhiLengShi freezer ( Have a cream freezer) , air-cooled ZhiLengShi freezer and see more upright freezers for air-cooled freezers and air cooled any tank, horizontal freezers are rare for ZhiLengShi freezers. 3. According to the internal temperature of the freezer to points, can be divided into cold storage freezers, freezer, refrigeration freezer; The temperature of the cold storage freezers generally is 0 ~ 10 ℃, freezer is generally - 22~0℃。 And refrigeration freezer that both two kinds of temperature. 4. According to the function, purpose and use place, can be divided into seafood tank, hot pot, fresh meat, duck neck ark, fruit, and so on, this classification evident on the name, the masses of the user by the name of the freezer can know the purpose of the freezer and the suitable place. Freezer these different term and freezers are ever-improving market demand.
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