For storage of common problems

by:Hommy     2020-07-12
We use ordinary household refrigerator, business super for storage, use for a long time will be frosted. After the frost will produce a series of bad factors, such as will reduce the cooling effect of preservation tank, which can lead to fresh compartment of food spoilage, affect their work efficiency, also may make energy consumption increases, thus reducing the use of fresh tank quality and using effect, so what are the cause for storage frosted? Roughly as follows: environment humidity, environment is not dry, containing heavy moisture in the air, fresh tank could be frost; There is in a large water content of food, such as some fruit and vegetables, placed a long time, you will find that food can become dry, then the moisture loss and no timely discharge water, so will cause frost; Another is for storage stuff is too full, no space, conducts heat transfer for storage in the cause of the failed to operate. The last is the door to open the doors too often or for storage have no the good, to make the changes in temperature of inside and outside air meet LengLing into water when cooling after will form a cream. The wind curtain ark ( The whole machine) So what are the causes of noise, the home refrigerator and fruit preservation tank often appears the phenomenon of noise, use up is not trust, but don't know where is the problem and reason, in fact, the main reason is there are these points: one is more fresh things to put in the tank, something more than a fresh tank will be kept running and work, of course, will always appear the noise, and the above said things too much can also lead to ice frost phenomenon for storage. So the user is in when to use it is important to note that not to cram for storage of too real too full. Season to the second point, the transformation of the ark can also lead to fresh produce noise, the high temperature of summer, fresh cabinet, air curtain cabinets class is placed where the ventilation is not good, so as to affect the heat transfer, cause the machines will not operate properly and work, work to increase energy consumption, noise to appear for storage. SG- TF fruits and vegetables half Gao Baoxian ark is the third point, we want to check did you put enough flat for storage, if uneven ground, also can cause the compressor vibration noise emitted at work, in addition to check if the compressor is faulty, if at the top of the compressor noise is very big still, it could be inside the compressor piston and the cylinder clearance is too large. Fourth: check for storage heating panel, if the cooling plate is broken, can't work normally at the time of cold and heat exchange, the machine has been running status, work overload, long time can make the parts damage, nature will make noise.
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