Fonterra wants to sell South American business

by:Hommy     2020-04-03
In order to further resolve the debt level of up to 48% and the failure of investment in China's Beinmei Company, the New Zealand dairy company Fonterra Group listed on the ASX plans to sell its South American business and ice cream company Tip Top. It is reported that Fonterra has commissioned Macquarie Group to sell Tip New Zealand's famous ice cream brand Tip Top, which is valued at about $ 400 million ($ 375 million). Goldman Sachs is entrusted to sell Fonterra's South American business, which is expected to bring Fonterra $ 1 billion in revenue. Fonterra is one of the world's largest dairy producers, with annual revenues of more than $ 17.2 billion, and its products are sold to many countries and regions in the world, with its operations in South America mainly in Brazil and Chile. Vitasoy International (00345) Interim Profit Attributable to Shareholders Increases 30% YoY to 518 Million Yuan VITASOY INT'L (00345) announced that for the six months ended September 30, 2018, the company achieved revenue of HK $ 4.447 billion (the same unit below), an increase of 22% year-on-year; profit of the company's equity holders was 518 million yuan , A year-on-year increase of 30%; basic earnings per share of 48.9 HK cents; it is proposed to pay 3.8 HK cents per share. The announcement said that the company's gross profit increased by 25% to 2.408 billion yuan, mainly driven by the increase in sales. Gross profit margin increased from 53% to 54%. EBITDA increased by 21% to 831 million yuan, and EBITDA's sales margin remained at 19%. The increase in net profit was due to the continuous improvement of profitability and the decrease in effective tax rate. The company said that looking forward to the second half of the financial year, the group expects to continue to grow steadily, but the growth rate will be relatively moderate. Australian grain maker 'preparing for the rain' bans export of glyphosate barley to China Although the Chinese government's anti-dumping investigation has caused an unexpected blow to Australia's Valley Property, at least since July this year, the issue of pesticide residues has been lingering in the minds of Australian food exporters CBH. CBH is concerned that glyphosate residues in exported barley are the biggest trade threat and could lead to a disruption in the billion-dollar barley trade. CBH is Australia's largest grain exporter, with 2017 revenues of A $ 3.47 billion and profits of A $ 247 million. In barley harvested in 2017/18, CBH detected glyphosate in 56% of samples. In the Australian Department of Agriculture's national testing, glyphosate-containing barley samples accounted for 77%, up from 60% in 2016/17. As farmers become more inclined to use glyphosate to handle mature forage barley crops, CBH is looking for ways to protect trade relations with China. At a press conference before the barley harvest, CBH said that it has a responsibility to maintain the export market, but it does not believe it can do so under the current circumstances. To this end, CBH chose to ban the export of glyphosate-treated feed barley to China. Moutai e-commerce broke out the problem of benefit delivery How should the top management rectify after the 'big blood change'? On November 20, Guizhou Moutai official Weiwei issued a decision on the personnel adjustment of the Group Party Committee of Guizhou Moutai Group E-Commerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'e-commerce company'), and appointed Chen Hua as the leader of the e-commerce company's working group. Business company. The former chairman of Nie Yong, who was in charge of the e-commerce company, was revoked and his party branch secretary was removed. With the entry of the working group, e-commerce companies are rectifying. Hema Xiansheng sinks into 'label door': investigation filed, Shanghai general manager fired Hema Xiansheng, featuring fresh products, has followed suit. Recently, media reports said that when a citizen purchased carrots at Hema Xiansheng Shanghai Daning store, he found that the staff had removed the labels from the previous days and replaced them with the labels of the day. The citizen immediately reported to the store responsible person that the store responsible person stated that the staff had illegal operations in the work process and printed the label on their own. After that, the citizen reported to Jing'an District Market Supervision Bureau. In response to Hema changing the new date label on carrots, this morning (November 21), Hema CEO Hou Yi posted an apology letter on social media, announcing that he would be removed from the post of general manager in Shanghai, and stated that 'anyone will make Violating the customer's first behavior, we will implement the most severe punishment, and will not relent. ' Herbalife Soup's first quarter of fiscal 2019 net profit of $ 194 million On November 20, Herbalife Soup announced its financial report. The announcement showed that the company's net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders in the first fiscal quarter of fiscal year 2019 was $ 194 million, and operating income was $ 2.694 billion. Herbalife Soup Company was established on November 23, 1922. However, through the organization's predecessor, the legacy of tracking its food business dates back to 1869. Herbalife Soup Company is a company that produces and markets high-quality branded convenience foods. As of early 2016, the company managed the company's business focused on three product categories: American snacks and beverages; global biscuits and snacks; and Campbell Fresh.
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