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by:Hommy     2020-07-14
Refrigerators, freezers is stored food and raw materials of mechanical refrigeration container, in time and certain conditions can preservation effect of some food and raw materials, to maintain the quality of its quality and prevent the deterioration of food and raw materials. But the refrigerator is not safe, freezer is not safe, the food in the fridge and the freezer and raw material is not absolutely safe. Because, fridge, freezer is the use of low temperature control microbial growth, reproduction and enzyme activity, thereby preventing food deterioration, and under the condition of low temperature, not all microorganisms stopped the activity, so the refrigerator, the freezer storage of food and raw materials for too long will also metamorphism, long mildew. Therefore, fridge, freezer to store food and raw material shoulds not be too long. So how refrigerators, freezers for food and raw materials is reasonable and ensure safety and health? 1, in order to guarantee the effect of cold storage, should be in effective volume load limit the following use refrigerators, freezers, refrigerators, freezers can not be filled. 2, refrigerator, the freezer to store food and raw materials must be cooked separately, avoid raw cooked cross contamination, storage of raw food refrigerators, freezers, marked, and shall be stored for deli refrigerators, freezers and raw food, shall be stored and raw food, raw materials and semi-finished products, semi-finished products and finished products will be stored separately. For larger refrigerators, freezers, according to independent closed refrigeration ( Frozen) Room is kept apart, family refrigerator should follow the principle of cooked or stored on. 3, the same cold storage, Frozen) Are too many room to store food or raw materials, to use partition, partition to separate place, prevent pressure pile pile up. 4, ready-to-eat food should be put inside the container with a cover, dressed in bulk food, its POTS, bowls and other containers to build or use cling film sealing after deposit, it is strictly prohibited to food containers at the bottom of the direct contact with food and raw materials. Need to store food for a long time, want to use non-toxic plastic bags up to deposit. 5, r. f, the packaging will lead to rising temperature of frozen food product, become sources of pollution, so the mixing. 6, which should be followed & other; First-in, first-out & throughout; Principles, and food and raw material consumption or use within the shelf life. Hommy refrigeration equipment is a set design, manufacture, sales and service in one of the professional company. Products are: all kinds of fresh cabinet, display cabinet, freezer, air curtain cabinets, ark of cooked foods, fresh cabinet, refrigerator, etc. , free hotline: 4006300692, the company's web site: WWW. ox800。 Com branch website: WWW. szlenggui。 com; www。 必应, gui。 com
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