Do you know the history of ice cream truck?

by:Hommy     2019-12-16
Ice cream, a thing that makes people tremble with excitement when they hear the name, the color of the delicate and green dripping is full of temptation gene molecules, and the cool and sweet taste teases the desired taste buds, colorful ice cream piles out of every happy summer in memory. When ice cream comes, summer is not lost. When I was a child, the cries of 'popsicle, popsicle' could simply seduce my soul, listening quietly with my ears up, and my heart was dry from a distance. The ice cream truck satisfied all the children's yearning for delicious food, this yearning must be related to happiness. So, you may not know what day it is today, but you must not miss the ice cream truck. Now let's go back to more than a century ago and count the ice cream carts in history. Around 1890, there were about 10 thousand Italians in England and Wales, of whom nearly one thousand were street vendors, most of whom sold ice cream. Cheap wooden carriages let vendors avoid rent and taxes and become their favorite 'mobile shops '. Vendors put ice cream into a small thick-walled glass for sale, which people call 'one penny at a time '. These cups are wiped with cloth and then reused, thus posing health risks, especially for children. Street vendors usually solicit business by shouting 'ecco un poco', which means 'have a taste' in Italian '.
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