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Disposable frozen dessert machine  disposable ice cream machine


Summer! No ice cream, no happiness! But want to eat also have to look for stores everywhere, eat goods said: too difficult!

This is not, hommy disposable automatic ice cream machine on line! In vending machines, we can buy drinks, snacks, low-temperature refrigerated yogurt, fruit juice, etc. now we can also buy “ready-made” ice cream. It is said that there are many flavors and ingredients to choose from. In the unmanned retail format, it’s open 24 hours a day, you can eat as you like, and you don’t have to be afraid to close~

And the most important thing is that under the concept of vending machine light capital, the input cost of the whole “ice cream self-service dessert station” will be much smaller than that of traditional stores, and the price of ice cream will not be too expensive, which is good news for consumers who love “ice cream”!

With offline promotion, share tightening and other factors, vending machine has become one of the more promising new retail channels for brands. Also because “affordable, practical, fast and convenient” has become a high-frequency patronage of young consumers sales terminal.

Self service ice cream machine repairs the ice cream as a “supplement” to the traditional retail industry, and sets up an independent portal, which will undoubtedly be popular in the future market.

Hommy one-time frozen dessert machine / one-time ice cream machine has unique taste, delicious nutrition and many entrepreneurial advantages. The one-stop support of the headquarters makes it easy for you to start a business, move towards success quickly and have huge profit space. Now is a good time to join. The comprehensive support policy has more guarantee and huge profit space. Please leave a message and contact us as soon as you are interested.

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