Differences and uses of ice planer, sand ice machine and ice crusher

by:Hommy     2019-12-08
1. Ice crusher, also known as ice planer, is a device used in cold drink shops to make ice drinks. Ice crusher and ice Planer have similar functions, but ice crusher can only make ice cubes into ice grains of different sizes, not very fine. Generally, the ice particles from the ice crusher are used to make ice porridge, cola, cold drinks, smoothies and other drinks. It is one of the necessary equipment for cold drink shops. How to make ice porridge? First, add the broken ice grains to different materials such as fruits, pearls and taro balls, and then add sugar water or milk, so that fancy ice porridge with different flavors is completed. 2, ice machine can make two kinds of ice, fancy ice and ice. The fineness of the ice can be determined by adjusting the blade. If it is to make shaved ice, white ice can be directly made into ice powder with a shaved ice machine, and then the falling ice powder can be piled up by hand to form a beautiful form like an iceberg. Plus strawberries are delicious strawberry ice. If it is to make soft ice, you can use icicles of various flavors to cut them layer by layer with the blades of the ice planer, and then catch them with trays or waffles. After the ice is made, such as 'cotton wool', it is layered, soft, slippery, thin, thin and cotton. The softer and softer fluffy structure makes the original cold and hard texture of 'ice' completely subvert. Finally, the addition of pearls, jam, pudding and other unique flavors is completed. 3, sand ice machine is also called food cooking machine, can completely break the ice, into a fine sand, sand ice melting speed is faster than shaved ice. It is specially designed for making sand ice, cocktails, iced capcino, sorbet, milkshake, yogurt, Sprite strawberry ice, strong banana milkshake, coconut pineapple ice, orange honey papaya sand ice, fresh fruit sand ice, etc. small electrical appliances for smoothies provided by ice drinks. The most important components of the ice machine are the blade and motor. The quality of the blade determines the performance of this sand ice machine. The average price of a sand ice machine is 300 yuan, but the price of a good sand ice machine can reach tens of thousands. Therefore, many stores combine the ice crusher with the ice crusher. First, the ice crusher is used to break the ice into small pieces, and then the ice crusher is used to break it into sand. This can not only extend the life of the sand ice machine, but also make the sand ice more delicate. Of course, in addition to making smoothies, the ice machine can also make more original drinks, such as corn juice, walnut juice, peanut juice . . . . . . These are incomparable to the other two machines.
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