Development Trend of ice cream industry

by:Hommy     2019-12-14
1. Ice cream production shows a slow upward trend and has a broad market prospect. According to the investigation and analysis of the development of China's national economy and market demand, it can be said that the growth rate of China's ice cream market in the next five years will be 5-6%. As the cold drink market is greatly affected by uncertain factors, especially weather factors, there is a greater possibility of irregular fluctuations, but generally speaking, ice cream production is slowly rising and the market prospect is broad. 2. With the trend of large-scale and large-scale enterprises, the development of China's ice cream industry has gradually entered a mature stage. After several years of market competition and survival of the fittest, some ice creams in large and medium-sized cities and regions will be merged, some were eliminated. With the deepening of reform and opening up, after joining the WTO, some well-known foreign brand companies will quickly enter the Chinese market with their strong capital advantages and famous international brands, it has caused great pressure and threat to domestic enterprises, and has also forced the trend of large-scale and large-scale development of domestic enterprises to accelerate. 3. Pursuing quality and brand, innovation and development. For the ice cream market, the main factors affecting consumers' purchasing behavior are taste and price. With the development of the national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the influence of quality and brand on consumers' purchasing behavior is getting stronger and stronger. Product innovation will inject vitality into enterprises and meet the needs of consumers. Children and young men and women are the main groups of ice cream consumption. On the one hand, innovative products can satisfy children's curiosity, and on the other hand, they can increase the demand for nutritional functions by adding some nutritional and health ingredients. Innovation should be new, strange and special. Generally speaking, it reflects the 'three new', namely, new technology, new taste and new packaging. Well-known enterprises at home and abroad have their own new products and brands, so that they can stand on the market. 4. The market competition is fierce, and talents are the key. At present, the domestic ice cream market is divided into three parts, and foreign-funded enterprises dominate the high-end market. They have great potential in the domestic ice cream industry with their advantages in equipment, technology and economic strength, with the fierce competition in the market, talents are becoming more and more important. The enterprise is product-oriented, the product is quality-oriented, the quality is talent-oriented, and the talent is spirit-oriented. It can be seen that enterprises must survive and develop in the tide of competition, we must extensively absorb technology development, management and other aspects, and look forward to future development. Market competition is potential.
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