Development Status of refrigeration unit market

by:Hommy     2019-12-13
In recent years, with the country's vigorous development of cold chain logistics, closely related agricultural and sideline fishery products, health care, mechanical and chemical industry, ice-making industry, supermarket preservation and so on have begun to overtake in corners, and a wave of cold storage construction has emerged in many places, in particular, small and medium-sized cold storage and low-temperature and ultra-low-temperature cold storage are mostly used. Compressors and two devices in refrigeration equipment have ushered in small sales peaks in recent years. The refrigeration and refrigeration industry and the supporting downstream industries are gaining momentum, which has also driven the development of refrigeration units. As the profit of refrigeration units is larger than that of single accessories, it has attracted many enterprises to compete for entry into this field. As a result, enterprises with poor intentions can take advantage of it and begin to exploit loopholes, resulting in inferior units flooding the market. The refrigeration unit is a whole made up of some or all equipment in the refrigeration system. The refrigeration unit has compact structure, small floor space, flexible use, convenient management and simple installation, and some of them can be used only by connecting water source and power supply. At present, condensing units and chillers are frequently used in the market. The condensing unit is to assemble the compressor, condenser, etc. into a whole, which can continuously supply liquid refrigerant for various types of evaporators, and is mainly suitable for small refrigeration devices. The Chiller is to assemble the compressor, condenser, evaporator for cold water and automatic control components into a whole, which is mainly suitable for the place where cold water is selected in the process.
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