Decorate ice cream shop, centered on consumers

by:Hommy     2019-12-07
At present, there are two categories of ice cream commonly sold in the market: soft ice cream and hard ice cream, of which soft ice cream is the main body of people's consumption. It is divided into three categories: Italian ice cream, German ice cream and American ice cream. In addition to different names and ingredients, each style of ice cream has different feelings after eating, so the decoration of the operator's shop must conform to the style of its products. According to taste: selling American ice cream, the decoration of the store should be based on a free and unrestrained style, so that people have the feeling of being in nature, with blue or green as the keynote and natural scenery, the lights must be bright, and the tables and chairs are bright metal products; Italian ice cream should give people a romantic feeling and make people feel warm, with warm colors as the keynote. The lights are mostly yellow and pink, and tables and chairs are blue plastic products; When operating German ice cream, the decoration should be solemn without losing the taste of leisure. It is more suitable for several business people to rest there. With dark patterns as the background, tables and chairs must be dark wood products. According to the area where the store is located: There are several popular cartoon patterns in the decoration of the ice cream shop near the campus; Ice cream shops in the senior business district can be decorated in German style. Usually the ice cream shop in the county-level city can be decorated as long as it is bright and clean; The decoration of ice cream shops in prefecture-level cities is mainly determined by the variety of businesses; Provincial capital city (Municipality) The decoration of the ice cream shop is determined by the location of the business. For example, the ice cream shop on the commercial street feels light and bright after decoration, which can relieve fatigue.
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