Daily maintenance of ice cream machine, maintenance of ice cream machine

by:Hommy     2019-12-19
As the saying goes, 'sharpening the knife does not mistake the woodcutter. ' a good machine also needs to pay attention to daily maintenance and maintenance in the process of frequent use. As an ice cream machine for cold drink making experts in summer, the daily maintenance of the ice cream machine needs to pay attention to a few points: (1) Press the cleaning key to discharge all the slurry in the cylinder and press the stop key. (2) Add disinfectant with warm water and pour it into the barrel. The amount of water in the two barrels is the same. (3)Press the cleaning button to stir about 1-2 minutes, discharge the cleaning solution. (4)Wash with water 2-3 times, stop. (5)Turn off the power and remove and wash all parts. A. Screw out the four screws on the side of the liquid valve and remove the liquid valve assembly. B, successively pull out the handle solid pin, handle, valve stem and sealing ring from the liquid outlet valve. C. Pull out the stirrer from the refrigeration cylinder and remove the sealing ring. D. Clean all the removed parts. If there is any damage, please replace them in time. E. Install the parts according to the opposite steps of disassembly.
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