Daily maintenance method of soft ice cream machine

by:Hommy     2019-12-07
Cleaning of the refrigeration cylinder in order to ensure the health of ice cream consumers and improve the service life of machine parts, you must clean the refrigeration cylinder once a day. (1) Press the cleaning key to discharge all the slurry in the cylinder and press the stop key. (2) Add disinfectant with warm water and pour it into the barrel. The amount of water in the two barrels is the same. (3)Press the cleaning button to stir about 1-2 minutes, discharge the cleaning solution. (4)Wash with water 2-3 times, stop. (5)Turn off the power and remove and wash all parts. A. Screw out the four screws on the side of the liquid valve and remove the liquid valve assembly. B, successively pull out the handle solid pin, handle, valve stem and sealing ring from the liquid outlet valve. C. Pull out the stirrer from the refrigeration cylinder and remove the sealing ring. D. Clean all the removed parts. If there is any damage, please replace them in time. E. Install the parts according to the opposite steps of disassembly. For the cleaning of the fuselage, the consumer needs a beautiful, clean and hygienic machine. Please keep the appearance of the fuselage clean at any time. You can wipe the fuselage with a warm towel to remove stains and not rinse with water, in order to avoid electrical failure. Cleaning the condenser works for a period of time. The condenser will be covered with dust and affect the heat dissipation. The cooling effect is poor. The specific cleaning time can range from three months to six months depending on the operating environment. Turn off the power before cleaning, be sure not to damage the condenser fins and clean them with a soft brush and a hair dryer. After the drive adjustment machine is used for a long time, the drive belt of the mixing system may be elongated and needs to be adjusted. The phenomenon is that the belt slips and the machine suddenly stops after running for a while, some soft ice cream machines will display the word 'nl' on the digital tube, and the buzzer will make a long-term regular intermittent sound. At this time, the power supply should be disconnected and the left panel of the machine should be removed, use a wrench to adjust the screw fixed under the motor. In this case, the machine is not faulty. Before adjusting the belt, the machine must be shut down and powered off. After the belt is adjusted properly, the machine will return to normal.
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