Concept consumption brings new demand to ice cream market

by:Hommy     2019-12-07
Industry insiders believe that under the guidance of forward-looking policies, the high-end soft ice cream market with simple structure, diverse tastes and rich cultural connotations will surely usher in rare development opportunities. Unlike traditional stick-type ice cream products, soft ice cream pays more attention to emotional communication between products and consumers. The emotional factors and cultural connotations attached to the products are easily accepted by consumers, especially young people, and the experiential marketing mode is also easier to be recognized by consumers, therefore, these brands did not show 'acclimatization' after entering the Chinese market, but developed more rapidly. Through the investigation of the market, the success of soft ice cream in China's ice cream market cannot be separated from three points: first, accurate and powerful publicity campaign. The hot sale of any kind of commodity or the cultivation of consumption habits cannot be separated from the ubiquitous guidance of public opinion. The second is the emergence of new consumption concepts. All brands that have entered the domestic market and achieved success have high international popularity and cultural background, the high-end, personalized and tasteful consumption concept represented by entering the Chinese market is widely recognized. In addition, the invasion of luxury consumption and the influence of foreign brands 'complex' have made the purchase of high-end ice cream products a symbol of identity. Then there is the high-end market positioning. Soft ice cream products are mostly based on the high-end market. Under the pressure of cost, the sales mode of on-site production and barrel distribution can reduce the pressure on enterprises in the storage link and minimize the impact of cost pressure on product taste, for a long time, consumers will use their mouths to choose the objects of consumption, which is also one of the reasons for the rapid development of soft ice cream shops in China.
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