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commercial ice cream maker


We will help you decide the best ice cream machine for your business.


According to the latest data, Australia is one of the countries with the largest ice cream consumption per capita in the world. This is great news if you are considering opening a specialty ice cream or ice cream shop, adding ice cream to the menu of a restaurant or cafe, or installing a commercial soft ice cream machine in an entertainment venue.


However, finding the ice cream machine that best suits your needs can be a challenge. There are many different types of ice cream machines around the world, and you need to consider a lot to find an ice cream machine that suits you.


Here, we will guide you through the important factors to consider before buying a commercial ice cream machine.

These industry terms are an important first step in helping you find the best ice cream maker.


Air-cooled: An ice cream machine that uses ambient air to cool internal components and discharge hot air.


Batch Freezer: This is a hospitality term used to refer to commercial ice cream machines and ice cream machines.


Condenser coil: The part of the condenser that converts liquid refrigerant into gas during the refrigeration process.


Drainage point: the location of the drain pipe that discharges waste water from the ice cream machine.


Footprint: The space occupied by a commercial ice cream machine in your venue.


Pre-freezing: An ice cream maker without a built-in freezer.


Production capacity: The maximum amount of ice cream that a machine can produce.


Refrigerant: A compound that changes from a liquid to a gas during the refrigeration process and back again.


Single-phase power supply: The standard power supply you can find in most homes and commercial buildings.


Three-phase power supply: an industrial power supply, often used to power large commercial machinery.


Water-cooled: An industrial ice cream machine that allows water to flow through the internal components of the machine to keep it cool.


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