Cold storage

by:Hommy     2019-12-14
Cold storage is mainly used for food freezing and refrigeration. It keeps the room at a certain low temperature through artificial refrigeration. The walls, floors and flat tops of the cold storage are all laid with thermal insulation materials of a certain thickness to reduce the heat transferred from the outside. In order to reduce the absorption of the Sun's radiant energy, the surface of the outer wall of the cold storage is generally painted white or light. Therefore, cold storage buildings are different from general industrial and civil buildings and have their unique structures. Cold storage buildings should prevent the diffusion of water vapor and the penetration of air. When outdoor air invades, it not only increases the cold consumption of the cold storage, but also brings moisture into the warehouse. The condensation of moisture causes the building structure, especially the heat insulation structure, to be frozen and damaged by moisture. Therefore, a moisture-proof and heat-insulating layer should be set up, the cold storage building has good sealing performance and moisture-proof and steam-proof performance. The foundation of cold storage is affected by low temperature, and the water in the soil is easy to freeze. Due to the volume expansion of the soil after freezing, the ground will be cracked and the whole building structure will be deformed, which will seriously prevent the cold storage from being used. For this reason, in addition to an effective thermal insulation layer, the floor of the low-temperature cold storage must also be treated under the thermal insulation layer to prevent soil from freezing. The floor of the cold storage needs to pile up a large amount of goods, and all kinds of loading and unloading and transportation machinery and equipment are required. Refrigeration equipment or pipelines are also provided on the flat top. Therefore, its structure should be firm and have greater bearing capacity. In low temperature environment, especially in periodic freezing and melting cycles, building structures are vulnerable to damage. Therefore, the building materials of the cold storage and the structures of various parts of the cold storage should have sufficient frost resistance. In general, cold storage buildings ensure the quality of buildings with strict heat insulation, sealing, firmness and frost resistance. Ensure the quality of the building. Four points should be paid attention to in cold storage design and installation: 1. Many cold storage Engineering Case projects show that the design cost is generally only less than 1% of the total life cost of the construction project, however, it is this cost of less than 1% that has a great impact on the project cost. Obviously, the key to project investment control lies in the design stage. To effectively control the project cost, we must focus on the design stage, and we can get twice the result with half the effort. How to improve the design quality on the basis of ensuring the structural safety of cold storage is a topic worth studying. Through a large number of studies and case studies of the company, some suggestions are put forward on how to improve the design quality. First of all, we should establish a cold storage design consultation and guarantee system with expert system as the core. I don't understand the development trend at the beginning of the project, and often feel lagging behind the use function and internal facilities after the completion of the cold storage, leaving many regrets, therefore, some advanced design concepts should be introduced before engineering design. The key is to improve the design quality and optimize the design scheme. How to optimize the design scheme? Executive Design Consulting is an effective method. 2, strengthen the cold storage engineering construction drawing design review. Design is the leader of engineering construction. Paying special attention to design review to ensure structural safety and saving investment will play an important role. Combined with the engineering problems of previous years, all the professional construction drawing design review attention and implementation rules. In order to reduce and eliminate various problems that may occur in the construction design stage, improve the pass rate of drawing review. 3. Strengthen technical training. The design Institute is facing complex buildings and demand projects, and there are many technical difficulties. According to some general situation and development in standard design or technical assembly, it will play a good role in ensuring the quality of design. According to the suggestions of the management department, referring to the national civil building design technical measures, we should make correct knowledge of the engineering design problems and the technical links that are most likely to make mistakes, and formulate various professional and unified technical measures. This will play an important role in improving design quality and design standards. 4. Increase research work. Due to the reform of current wall materials and the design of a large number of mixed structures, there are many new problems to study in wide construction. The increasingly complex use functions of high-rise buildings need to be adjusted and continuously supplemented. In addition, some new problems need to be studied. In addition, according to the design cycle of the project, it should be reasonably formulated. Some customers often have an artificial impact on the design quality in order to catch up with the time. Designers should hand over the construction drawings as soon as possible in the limited time, and will definitely give up some aspects of thinking, thus affecting the quality of the design. The management department suggests that the designer should be given the necessary time to demonstrate the plan when making the design cycle.
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