Classification of ice cream

by:Hommy     2019-12-17
1. Whole cream ice cream, a kind of ice cream with the highest nutritional value, is generally made of pure milk as the main raw material and cream, sugar, eggs, various fruits, chocolate, coffee, etc. 2, semi-cream ice cream, generally use milk powder as the main raw material, milk fat content reached 2. 2% is fine. Among them, non-milk fat raw materials such as margarine, vegetable oil, etc. can be used, with fat content greater than or equal to 6% 3, vegetable fat ice cream, the main components are water, sugar, milk, etc. , vegetable oil and margarine are used, its similar pure taste and taste are mainly made by special craftsmanship, coupled with the improvement and ingenuity of additives. This type of product does not contain animal milk (Such as milk)Ingredients.
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