China will gradually improve the food safety inspection and guarantee system

by:Hommy     2019-12-09
In order to effectively protect people's health and food safety, China has formulated laws and regulations such as the food safety law in recent years, more than food safety related standards involving grain and oil, fruits and vegetables, milk, meat, poultry, eggs, aquatic products, infant food, etc. , strive to promote the development of food safety testing technology, on this basis, we will gradually improve and perfect the food safety monitoring and guarantee system. Food security first. Food safety has always been a livelihood issue related to consumers' health and life safety. With the extensive use of chemicals and new technologies in food processing, new food safety problems are constantly emerging. Although modern science and technology have made great progress, food-borne diseases have not been effectively controlled in both developed and developing countries. Moreover, with the process of economic globalization, international trade in food is more frequent, and food safety problems are more likely to spread on a large scale, causing greater impact. Detection technology is the basis of food safety monitoring. Detection of production raw materials can build safety barriers at the source of food production.
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