Cheap ice cream is hard to find, the advantage

by:Hommy     2020-03-28
With the rise of logistics and labor costs, the once 'cheap' popsicles have long been replaced by mainstream retail products around 4 yuan. In addition, high-value ice cream such as gold leaf and lavender are introduced in shopping malls that are targeted by tourists and moviegoers. Cheap ice cream is hard to find, many brands have increased their prices 'Boxed green mood is 3.5 yuan, Cantonese-style egg cones are 3 yuan, and cyclone cups are 5 yuan. One yuan per popsicle is almost gone.' On June 24th, Ms. Li, who bought ice cream at Changsha Caijin Food Store, complained that the original I want to eat some popsicles at home after the day heats up, but I find it difficult to find 'cheap' ice cream that once sold for 0.5 yuan and 1 yuan each. The reporter saw at the Bingge Department Store in Maojiaqiao Street that 30 ice cream products such as bitter coffee and crisp treasure sold in the store. From the price point of view, there are no more than 10 types of products that sell for less than 3 yuan. The mainstream three colors The retail price of cups and chocolates is 4 yuan. 'Few people buy cheap popsicles, especially those marked with milk and chocolate. Now people are also particular about knowing that what is in the mouth is too cheap,' said the shop owner. When 'cheap' cold drinks are quietly withdrawn from the market, the retail prices of many brands of ice cream are also rising. Last year, the unit price of 8 yuan Dream Dragon, this year's supermarket and convenience store prices are mostly around 9.5 to 10 yuan, milk raisins, four rings, crisp treasure prices also rose by 0.5 yuan. Rising costs squeezed by e-commerce, weakening traditional ice batch business advantage 'Commercial electricity costs one yuan at a time and must be open for 24 hours. A 300-liter refrigerator costs 200-300 yuan a month, and there is no money at all.' Speaking of popsicle prices, the owner of a small shop in Xuegong Street in Changsha appeared Some helpless. She said that since last winter, the wholesale price of many popsicles has risen. For example, old popsicles with a price of 0.7 yuan each now cost 0.85 yuan. If you include the electricity bill, you might lose 1 yuan if you sell it for 1 yuan. In another couple's shop just 100 meters apart, the freezer was divided into two, half of which sold chocolate popsicles, bitter coffee and other popsicles, and the other half were filled with quick-frozen dumplings and dumplings. Earn, 'said the store owner. 'It's very difficult to do ice batch business now.' Ms. Yi, who has operated ice batch business in Changsha for nearly 20 years, told reporters that in 2010, the ice batch business was still a very profitable industry. Wholesale stores were most often sold to horse factories, Hexi University City, South China Railway Station and other more than 100 stores supply, monthly flow of 500,000 to 600,000 yuan, 'now consumers can buy ice cream online, ice batches have no price advantage, many batches have changed their careers.' Ms. Yi introduced that the popsicle price increase and the change of the owner of the ice batch store, on the one hand, the rising costs of manpower and logistics squeezed corporate profits; on the other hand, under the personalized needs of consumers, new brands and new products have entered the market one after another. When convenience stores, Boutiques have replaced traditional mass-market stores, and the cost of listing new brands will also increase. Good-looking photos are easy to get praise, 'Internet red' ice cream has become a new favorite In sharp contrast to the $ 1 ice cream that is hard to find, various high-value and expensive ice creams are becoming more active in the market. The reporter searched on Taobao with the keyword 'ice cream' and found that a 'guobao' brand ice cream was included in the recommendation list. This main low-fat, non-additive 'net red' ice cream is mainly made of pineapple, pumpkin and other peels. It is currently priced at 168 yuan in 6 flavors at 'Guobao Fruit Ice Cream Brand Store'. 'I bought it by watching Douyin', 'The value is very high' ... In the comment area, many consumers left such comments. In addition, in the Aoki Matcha dessert shop, a 'gold leaf ice cream' priced at 38 yuan has also become a recommended item in the store. According to Miss Yao, who has been in the store for a long time, she said that taking good pictures and getting a lot of likes from her circle of friends are the main reasons for buying the ice cream. And these high-value products are also easier to achieve the 'second spread' effect between consumers. Online purchase of ice cream from 100 yuan, raise prices and share logistics costs Although online shopping for ice cream “looks beautiful” and is convenient, the cost of cold logistics is also considerable. The reporter learned that, in order to reduce the cost of delivery, many online businesses limit the single consumption of ice cream and ice cream, such as setting the minimum delivery amount, and the minimum shipping cost. Sanxiang Metropolis Daily reporters found that 10 Taobao and Tmall merchants that provide long-distance distribution found that the cost of shipping from 9 stores to Changsha ranged from 10 to 100 yuan, and the average shipping cost per order was 32.7 yuan. In addition, most businesses place restrictions on the minimum amount, quantity, and region. According to statistics, if the high freight is spread evenly on each popsicle, the final transaction price of popsicles will increase by 10% -25% compared to the initial retail price. An industry insider said that products with higher gross margins are suitable for online shopping, and consumers who are attracted from social platforms can also accept higher prices driven by curiosity. 'Now ordinary retail stores are also starting to do simple wholesale, and cheap drinks are affordable Can't afford the high cost of cold chain logistics. '
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