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by:Hommy     2020-07-03
Freezer durable and expensive, so is the biggest trouble for your business. There are many brands on the market of commercial freezers, mixed business, so to speak, more difficulty in business. Buy freezers four indicators: a, price: supermarket freezer configuration and performance of the different prices, prices vary considerably. Don't know how to buy friends can be easily removed, so the seller first understand the price of the refrigerator. Cheap freezers quality: if the workload is too high, so can say noise, power consumption and so on are very uneconomical. Hommy freezers compares well when buying price/performance ratio, both cheap and high prices. Second, quality. Compressor imported compressor, ensure the operation stability. Stainless steel/aluminum alloy metal body framework, security, health, and durable. Hollow steel double deck glass, wire drawing process, the metal heating wire, mist defrost. Pure copper tube heat dissipation, fast cooling, high efficiency and so on for your business to provide long-term safe operation. Third, strength. In terms of energy consumption, bungalow freezer cannot compete with the original factory. Tests have shown that under the condition of the same net volume, simulation of the freezer power consumption by more than 25% of the original product. Fourth, after sales. During the warranty period, technical personnel will be once a year for three consecutive years investigating the usage of the user, and free of used products to conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance. Freezer check: in the freezer for routine inspection, and some in use process is easy to damage the parts for the diagnosis and maintenance, in order to eliminate the potential risk of potential. The above article is the result of Hommy freezers, the company specializes in providing freezers prices, freezers, supermarket freezers want to know more information such as air-conditioner, please visit: https://www. hommy。 Com free order hotline: 0086 - 750 - 808分机6316991
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