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Best Sale vending hot & frozen machine Prices


Product specification  :

vending machine for lunch box

Product Features :

1. 21.5” touch screen for promotion and operation. Cloud Platform Management System.

2. Payment system: Coin, Bill, Credit card provides interface (MDB port), Return coins.  

3. The machine inside can keep 54pcs hamburgers, Food boxes size: (L)220mm*(W)180mm*(H)40~70mm. Storage can be 81 boxes if the width of box is 150mm.(base on your box to adjust it ).

4. The temperature of storage area can be adjusted from 5℃~10℃. It can be setup base on different products.

5. Heating temperature:  60℃~90℃. Need 30 seconds for baking one hamburger. Heating time can be adjusted based on the materials. 

6. Push rod delivery speed: 60~90 seconds. The speed will be varied for different layers of pallets.

7. Heating method: patent commercial microwave oven( 2000W )

8. Food type available: 1-27 types, price of each product and heating time can be configured

9. Machine body material: whole machine foaming molding, good thermal insulation.  

10. Compressor: power 550W, Brand Embraco,Refrigerant 134A



Product Advantage:

vending machien for breakfast 

1. Intelligent manipulator XY axis output and elevator delivery.

coin operated fast food machine auto

2.  Bigger capacity about 81pcs : 3 pcs lanes per layer X 3 boxes/cargo lane X 9 layers=81

dessert vending machine

3.The payment system can accept : coin ,bill ,Exchang coin , credit card interface .

frozen cake vending machine

4.Computer remote management system: query sales details, shortage reminders, machine failure reminding.

vending machine for snack food

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