Base equipment for cold drinks and desserts-soft

by:Hommy     2020-05-24
Soft ice cream machine is the base for making a variety of cold beverage desserts. We know that in baking, cream is a must for dessert. The importance of soft ice cream for cold desserts is also here. Soft ice cream machine equipment has a vertical desktop, but the performance of the equipment is more important. The outer shell of the ice cream machine and the compressor used inside and its usage time are important factors that affect the performance of the entire device. Are the materials used in the body of the device safe enough? The shell of the ice cream machine generally uses stainless steel as the body. The unique properties of stainless steel, such as corrosion resistance and heavy pressure resistance, are very good protections for the production of soft ice cream. Most of the current market uses 302 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel. Relatively speaking, 304 stainless steel is a general-purpose model and is often said to be a food-grade stainless steel material. It is often a very stable stainless steel due to the production of corrosion-resistant containers, tableware, railings, and medical equipment. The carbon content of 302 stainless steel is higher than that of 304, so the strength of 302 stainless steel is better; among the corrosion resistance, 302 stainless steel is the same as 304 stainless steel. Soft ice cream machine survival time The soft ice cream machine is a snack machine in the market that first appeared in the cold drink and ice market. From the beginning of the market, low-cost investment, to the most basic equipment belonging to ice cream shops, milk tea cold drink shops and other shops, it has the longest survival time in the market. Until now, soft ice cream has also been eaten by people. For example, the chain of DQ ice cream, a yogurt cow, bassine, Yota ice cream, Dubairui, G9 molecular ice cream and other ice cream cake shops, milk tea shops will use ice cream to make Produce more delicious desserts or drinks. Instead of being eliminated by the market, it has become the most indispensable device for most desserts. The quality of the soft ice cream machine and the soft ice cream powder also directly affect the food produced by using it. In the snack market of the catering industry, such equipment is always needed. Soft ice cream machine is an ice cream equipment that has a very long survival time. It has not been eliminated by the market today, but has become more important. It is a necessary basic equipment for ice cream and other shops. Although soft ice cream is soft, silky and silky, and can relieve the heat, eating too much can still be harmful to your health. Variety of soft ice cream There are various types of soft ice cream, as well as various types of equipment. For example, embossed ice cream embossing machine, vertical single-head soft ice cream machine, desktop double-head soft ice cream machine, customized desktop multi-head soft ice cream machine, vertical soft ice cream machine with heating function, etc. The most popular soft ice cream is the creamy original ice cream, which is the basis for making a variety of cuisines. Americans also gave it a unique name-'Sundae'. Therefore, the original cream ice cream plus jam is the sundae. As soft ice cream is widely known, the names of various businesses are also different. Most of the original cream ice cream without jam is directly called sundae. In addition to the creamy original ice cream, there are many types, such as: strawberry-flavored pink soft ice cream, brown chocolate ice cream, purple pink taro ice cream, avocado green cantaloupe-flavored cream ice cream, and an American ice cream shop in the early 19th. The big white rabbit toffee with the same ice cream was sold out soon.
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