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Automatic Pizza Machine Manufacturer


Automatic Pizza Machine Manufacturer

As a manufacturer specialized in the field of cooling products and food processing machine, Hommy Enterprise has rich experience and proven technique.  


Hommy is also one of the most professional manufacturer of Automatic Pizza Machine. 

Products including Pizza cone machine and Pizza vending machine.

The newly designed Smart Pizza Vending Machine is equipped with a unique cooking with Infrared Oven, Freezing room with robot arm and selling system. This autonomous sales companion can provides reliable 24/7 operation,


Hommy can also produce the automatic pizza machine to make pizza in whole process starting from making the dough to the crust, putting topping/sauce, baking and selling.



Apply the professional automatism, electromechanics and data processing, Hommy is devote to design automatic machine to produce the same quality of pizza as in restaurants,





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