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Automatic French fries vending machine with reliable quality and easy maintenance


Product specification  :

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Product Features :

1: the 27" screen for advertising and operation .

2: Frying time: 2-3 minutes

3: Frying temperature: 80℃-185℃.

4: the frozen french fried store keep the temperature : -18℃--10℃ . 

5: Machine can use vegetable oil or beef fat, fired bowl keep 3L oil . 
6: Frozen fries stock: 50kg, about 220 portions (12 bags )

7: the machine can keep indoor or outdoor ,outdoor need to add roof .

8: No oil-smoking, Fumes Filtration .

9: Connector with payment system: paper bill ,coin , exchange coin ,credit card only MDB interface.

10:Every 16 days, you need take out the fryer and bring it to clear .

11.The machine have remote function , you can see every day sell report also the machine have reminder function .  

12. every 400 portions or machine work 4 day, it need to be change the oil.

13: that machine inside have 3 kind of juice box for you to choose .

14:Fire Prevention and food safety 

15. storage 100pcs 14OZ cups . two capacity for you to choose 200g or 350g ( this can adjust ) .

16.. Seasoning box, each box can contain a bag of tomato sauce and salt.(Storage of 100 pcs in total)

17. Refrigerator temperature 24 hours monitored , When the refrigerator temperature stay above 0 Celsius more than 2 hours, this french fires vending machine will inform the operator.

18. Power: 2800W when fryer is on. Average power is 1000W.

19.size of machine :1300mm * 1000mm * 2000mm 


Product Advantage:

1. You can put 3 kinds of sauce in the sauce boxes for customer's choice base on your market .  

snack vending machine french fry

2.  The quantitative dispenser system in the machine is driven by rod to ensure that the aliquots are similar each time.

vending machine french fries

3.The payment system can accept : coin ,bill , token coin , credit card interface .

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4.Computer remote management system: query sales details, shortage reminders, machine failure reminding.

french fries vending machine manufacturers

5. we use the paper cup is 14OZ

lays potato chips vending machine size

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