Anxiety behind Starbucks selling ice cream

by:Hommy     2019-12-08
In April 9, Starbucks launched a series of new ice cream products in a high profile. Successive eye-catching measures have made Starbucks, which has always been dominated by business style, seem to have become 'adorable' a lot. According to the analysis, from cat claw cups to ice cream series products, Starbucks is actually attacking the consumer group of young women in a targeted way. Starbucks wants to break through the current sluggish performance and fierce competition, it is very important to find the most potential consumer groups. On April 9, a reporter from Beijing Business Today saw on Starbucks WeChat public number that the tea ice cream series has been sold in Starbucks stores offering ice cream products today, at present, the series has three new ice cream Fusion drinks, namely, the Earl of grapefruit, the Earl of grapefruit, and the Earl of grapefruit. According to Starbucks App, 1507 stores in Beijing are currently selling ice cream products. The reporter of Beijing Business Today learned through Starbucks Huamao No. 2 store that the above-mentioned three tea ice cream series were launched in the store today, plus five drinks containing ice cream launched last month, at present, there are 8 ice cream series tea drinks in the store, and the new product price is 45-48 yuan. In fact, this is not the first time Starbucks has introduced a fusion drink containing ice cream. Prior to this, coffee fusion ice cream products such as malt snow cold extraction and floating music were introduced. In an interview with a reporter from Beijing Business Today, the relevant head of Starbucks also said that Starbucks had launched ice cream products as early as 2017, which were mainly coffee and ice cream products. In the view of a person in the catering industry who did not want to be named, Starbucks' ice cream series products are very similar to Starbucks' logic of opening baked food stores at the beginning of the year, and Starbucks' efforts are being made to seek product differentiation. On February this year, Starbucks opened the first bakery in China in Shanghai. Starbucks selected · coffee · bakery, and has not allowed Starbucks, which has been stealing the coffee, to increase the proportion of food in the store, this practice has been interpreted by many people in the industry as Starbucks's practice of differentiating itself from the same type of brands. At the same time, it also shows Starbucks' anxiety of boosting the Chinese market again. Starbucks' anxiety mainly comes from financial report data. According to the first quarter report of fiscal year 2019, Starbucks' global net income was 66. 5%. US $0. 3 billion, up year on year. In 2%, the same-store sales in the world and the United States increased by 4%, while the same-store sales in China increased by only 1%. The third quarter report of fiscal year 2018 ushered in a financial report considered 'the worst in nine years. Starbucks global same-store sales increased by 1%, same-store sales in China decreased by 2% year on year, while operating profit margin in China/Asia Pacific region decreased by 7. 6%-19%. The coffee industry is in a fierce battle, and various brands are undergoing fierce competition in channels, scenes and modes, which also brings great pressure for Starbucks to change. The rising star Internet coffee brand Ruixing coffee has been tit-for-tat for many times, with a low-cost short-term delivery mode to expand at all costs. At the same time, brands such as Xi Cha, McDonald's and KFC also got a share. In addition, the whole family, Rosen and 7- ELEVEN and other convenience store coffee businesses are also competing for this market. In an interview with Beijing Business Today, Wang Zhendong, the chairman of Shanghai Feiyue Investment Management Co. , Ltd. , said that from Cat Claw cups to new ice cream products, including the overall color design of Starbucks Tmall stores, all prove that Starbucks is paying more and more attention to the preferences of women and young consumers. Data show that Chinese women spend more than 70% in coffee shops and consumers under 40 account for more than 80%, this is the data basis for Starbucks to use cat claw cups and doll bears to push new ice cream products this year. It is also the reason why many domestic online red tea brands are 'red, they have already targeted young women as their target customer group, and designed products, outer packaging and even stores for this group's preferences. Wang Zhendong said that Starbucks is more inclined to middle-aged men and business sense in terms of decoration color, product style and positioning, which is also the market positioning that Starbucks has insisted on for a long time before, but now Starbucks has to cater to the needs and changes of the market. For this reason, Starbucks is trying to make itself sprout and attract young female consumers with more diversified and soft taste and brighter colors. In his view, Starbucks will continue to work in this direction.
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