Ancient Greek mythological ice cream

by:Hommy     2020-05-26
Have you ever seen such an ice cream machine? You can use all kinds of raw materials, you can choose a variety of flavors, different banana, apple, peach flavors are beckoning, and you can enjoy the fun of ice cream buffet. Don't think this is a myth, now it's okay, the Cascino ice cream from the mysterious ancient Greece will let you enjoy the ever-changing angelic feeling. Every kind of ice cream is hearty and delicious, and the deliciousness makes you happy. It's Cassino ice cream. It is understood that Cassino ice cream was built by the Chinese operation headquarters of Cassino, Italy, a high-tech company from China. Once listed, it has received rave reviews in the market. Its delicious flavor and changeable shape The market was well-received, and sales were rising, becoming the hottest ice cream star in the market. So, what is the legendary flavor of this popular ice cream? And listen to the following ancient Greek story. It turned out that there was a beautiful woman in ancient Greece called Cass, who often used sheepskin rolls to record the cuisine. One day, a young apprentice, Chino, secretly fell in love with Cass. In order to see Cass, Chino swore To make a delicious and delicious pastry. After ten years of hard work, Chino inadvertently developed a super strong ice cream, which was sweet and delicious in his mouth. He put some jam in the cream, and the taste was more refreshing and delicious. This delicious natural I was also touched by Cass, and finally Cass came to the world and fell in love with Chino, who made delicious food for her. In the 13th century AD, an Italian pastry chef discovered a sheepskin roll that recorded gourmet food. To commemorate the love between Cass and Chino, he named the gourmet Cassino. How is it? The story is very touching. A beautiful ice cream symbolizing love is no wonder that it bursts out of love. Whether it is a beautiful woman, or a couple in love, whether it is an old lady who is more than a year old, or a child who learns babble, they like to eat casino ice cream; love! Cassino ice cream; still, eat Cassino ice cream. The permeable one is Caschino ice cream. Cascino ice cream invades your mouth while invading your mind, grasping your taste while grasping your pulse. Cassino ice cream gives you the feeling of flying, but you need to experience it yourself. Just like Kas and Chino in ancient Greek mythology, just like that, conquer you with the deliciousness of love! Good things can't always lack the infectious power, or touch your heart, or touch your mouth!
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