Analysis on the survival and development of ice products brands in China

by:Hommy     2019-12-31
Brand development direction 1. The channel strategy tends to be high-end and special places, and the mass channel is in a lean state. The competition for channels in the domestic cold drink industry has slowed down. Whether it is channel franchise, freezer war, purchase and break war or later distribution integration, the optimization and integration of the sales network has been completed. Logistics return, the very popular transfer distribution station also slowed down the pace, the company gradually integrated the market precision and detail, while increasing the requirements and grasp of profits, no longer know the unclear snatch Channel and the big push price war. 2. The total budget for wide distribution in TV stations has declined slightly, the diversity of advertisements has increased, and the simplest advertisements have attracted a lot of attention. The specific expression is that the power invested by large companies in advertising has decreased. Large and medium-sized companies gradually regard advertising investment as a powerful hand-eye to strengthen the old market and develop new products, this will gradually consolidate the price value of the company's own products, but the grasp of the degree is indeed more sober and rational than in the past. Under the situation that small and medium-sized companies are facing the increase of product costs and high management costs, the expenditure budget widely distributed in advertisements is gradually shrinking, and the company's central competitiveness is also fading day by day, at the same time, I also found that the number of small and medium-sized companies' outdoor simplest noodles, car body advertisements and white newspaper broadcasts has increased. Competition will be tighter, the advantages of large companies will be more superficial, and the number of bankruptcy of medium-sized companies will increase. The cost of raw materials will continue to rise, the price space is not large, and the management expenses will continue to rise and develop, because small and medium-sized companies with pure product structure and added value will face outdated distress if they cannot improve quickly. 4. The investment of several Giants has slowed down and the strategic layout of the market has basically been finalized. With the completion of the new layout of regional marketing by using the new strategic core of several giant companies, China's cold drink industry has entered a new round of brand competition. 5. The focus of regional market Office will change from precision and refinement to lean. Faced with the competition pattern and the comments on the regional market position, the company will dilute the price war and channel fighting, and brand promotion and experience awareness marketing will be popular. 6. The market for health products will mature step by step and its market share will further expand. At the same time, nutrition Haobo's high-end products have also increased their market share due to economic progress and the improvement of cultural quality and ability, and may even reduce the market share of a small batch of food. 7. Low-cost products will become strategic weapons for large companies, and high-end and high-value products will remain the focus of research and development. It is the helplessness of market competition for large companies to use capital to denounce and crush small and medium-sized companies in the market, and high quality and low price is a very helpful weapon. However, the rise in the comprehensive cost of the market will not change the company's green-eyed and keen strategic position on medium and high-grade products with higher value. 8. Milk flavor is the eternal topic of cold drinks, but its forms of expression are becoming more and more diversified. With the growth of the quality of life of many people, consumers have higher and higher requirements for the taste of cold drink products, and the progress of milk flavor is progressing towards Chunzheng.
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