Analysis on the current situation of China's refrigeration industry

by:Hommy     2019-12-30
At present, China's refrigeration industry is showing a rapid development trend. Every link from production to sales is maturing day by day, and a number of industry leaders have emerged. There is no doubt that the market potential is huge. At the same time of rapid development, China's refrigeration enterprises should also stop to observe their own shortcomings, and constantly reflect and learn from them, only in this way can we obtain the capital and industry discourse right to play games with international giants in the future industry development. China's refrigeration industry is mainly facing the following major problems: first, the ability to 'learn from others' is not enough. China still can only learn the superficial knowledge and lose its root in learning foreign technologies, resulting in no way to make breakthrough progress in research and development and manufacturing in China's refrigeration industry. Secondly, talent management and technology investment are not in place. Talents in many professional fields, including refrigeration, go abroad for further study in line with their love for scientific and technological research, but stay in foreign enterprises for development after studying, in the final analysis, it is because Chinese enterprises do not pay enough attention to and manage talents. This has led to China's independent research and development capabilities can not keep up, product quality can not keep up. Thirdly, China's refrigeration industry is facing the problem of 'green and yellow' technical talents. The development of China's refrigeration industry in recent decades has largely relied on the efforts of the older generation of skilled workers, while the second generation is rarely willing to take over their jobs. This also shows that many people lack understanding of the refrigeration industry.
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