Analysis of main problems in ice maker industry in China

by:Hommy     2019-12-09
The problems existing in the ice maker industry mainly focus on one center and solve two problems. A central problem is how to further improve the technical level of ice maker industry; To this end, we need to focus on solving two problems. One is the continuous improvement of the R & D team. The level of the R & D team is high, and the number of results reflects the level of the product after the results are converted into products, only with the corresponding level can we produce the corresponding brand and create higher value. In particular, the research on ice-making components should make some progress, not only in the manufacture of certain structural forms, but also in the research and testing of their efficiency, structural forms, improvement schemes of materials, etc, in order to improve the ice forming rate, shorten the ice forming time and improve the ice making efficiency. The second is to continuously standardize the market and improve technical protection measures. Through the continuous improvement of standardization system, establish market access system and quality assurance system; By continuously improving the legal awareness of protecting patents and independent intellectual property rights, we will promote technological innovation and the improvement of product technology. Although China's refrigeration technology has developed rapidly in recent years, compared with developed countries, we still have a lot of room for development in terms of machine manufacturing accuracy, processing technology level and material selection. There are still gaps in the research and development of refrigerants and the research on the energy efficiency level of ice makers. The downstream industries of industrial and commercial ice makers involve a wide range of industries, including nuclear power, water conservancy, hydropower, construction, retail, chemical industry, medical treatment, food, aquatic products, mining, entertainment, etc. From the perspective of history and existing technology level, in the above-mentioned fields, ice making technology is the most economical and reasonable application scheme for its temperature control technology; Without the application of ice-making technology, there will be direct and significant losses to the related production and safety in the above fields.
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