Analysis of food safety: first improve high quality and then grasp execution

by:Hommy     2019-12-06

Recently, food safety has the tendency to evolve to face Engineering, compact and meticulous process optimization, large-scale workshop environment renovation and purchase of high-tech production equipment, as a result, the hygiene and safety of food 100% cannot be guaranteed. The quality of food practitioners is the decisive factor to ensure food hygiene in the processing process, of which hygiene quality is the most important, it mainly includes health awareness, health status, health knowledge mastery ability, health habits, standardized operation, etc. How can we improve the quality of employees? 

First, to ensure healthy employment; 

Second, cultivate health awareness; 

Three, learn and master the knowledge of food hygiene; 

Four, according to the provisions of the procedures for management. How to improve the execution of enterprises? 

First, details and processes symbolize major events; Second, decision makers, managers and operators of food enterprises should always keep an eye on their own goals; Third, the improvement of execution should be adhered to all the time.                                

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