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An unmanned automatic ice cream vending machine


Want to buy ice cream vending machine do not know where to supply? I'm worried that I don't know where to get after-sales and maintenance after I buy the machine. We provide ice cream vending machine + raw materials + after-sales one-stop service. In the quality of products and after-sales to ensure your worries!

Hommy has more than 20 years of experience focusing on ice cream industry. With the one-stop service of ice cream vending machine, low cost, quick start, simple operation and management, you are far ahead of other competitors in terms of location and operation. Hommy ice cream vending machine not only brings delicious, fashionable and novel products, but also strives to find high-quality and reliable stores for entrepreneurs. With its rich experience, Hommy personally teaches the entrepreneurs the way to operate the ice cream shop, and escorts the entrepreneurs' smooth opening and daily operation.

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