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by:Hommy     2020-07-09
( 1) Closed steam compression type of air-conditioner. The air-conditioner in the theory and manufacturing process are mature, refrigeration effect is better, service life can reach 10115. It is the production and use of the most freezers, Hommy refrigeration will focus on this kind of air-conditioner. ( 2) Absorption of air-conditioner. Absorption of air-conditioner refrigeration cycle. The biggest characteristic of absorption of air-conditioner is the use of heat as refrigeration and prime mover, no smoking machine, so there is no noise, long life, and not easy to malfunction. Household absorption of air-conditioner refrigeration system based on liquid absorbing gas and diffusion agent ( Hydrogen) Composed of & other; Air cooled continuous absorption of dispersive refrigeration system & throughout; ( Continuous absorption of the dispersive refrigeration system) 。 Under the constant heating, it can continuous cooling. Absorption of air-conditioner in electrical energy is converted into heat energy, reoccupy heat as a heat source, which has high efficiency than the compression type of air-conditioner. However, it can use other sources of heat, such as natural gas, coal gas, etc. In absorption in the freezer refrigeration system, note a refrigerant ammonia ( NH3) , water absorbent ( H20) Agent, diffusion hydrogen ( Hz) 。 At lower temperatures, ammonia can be freely soluble in water, forming liquid ammonia. But after heats, ammonia and want to escape from the water. Its working principle is briefly as follows: if the heating system of generator, generator concentrated ammonia solution is to produce ammonia mixture vapor monohydrate, which saved the liquefaction temperature is high, therefore, condenses into water first along the upper part of the pipeline flow back to the generator: ammonia vapor continues to rise until the condenser, and liquid ammonia condensation heat release. Liquid ammonia by inclined tube into the accumulator ( Accumulator for a period of U tube, the remaining liquid ammonia, in order to prevent the hydrogen gas from the evaporator to condenser) And then flows into the evaporator liquid ammonia evaporator liquid ammonia absorption into the evaporator heat absorption, a portion of the liquid ammonia evaporation, and mixed with hydrogen gas in the evaporator. Ammonia to the diffusion of hydrogen ( Evaporation) And strong absorption of heat, to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. In the absorber from generator the upper stream of water, the water absorption ( Dissolved) Ammonia in ammonia hydrogen gas mixture, forming concentrated ammonia solution flows into the lower part of the generator. And hydrogen gas because of its light weight, and get back in the evaporator. Thus to realize the continuous absorption of the dispersive refrigeration cycle. ( 3) Semiconductor type of air-conditioner. Semiconductor type of air-conditioner is the use of semiconductor refrigeration device for cooling, according to the French peltier found a refrigeration device made of semiconductor thermoelectric power effect. A N type semiconductor and p-type semiconductor into thermocouple, thermocouple and dc power circuit after energy conversion can occur. Current by the N type element flow to the p-type element, the PN junction then become the cold end heat absorption: when current by p-type element flow to the N type element, the hot end of PN junction and heat release. The cold end against heat absorber ( The evaporator) Inside the plane, placed in the freezer for refrigeration, hot end in a tank back, or add after cooling by air convection cooling with cooling water. Series in the variable resistor in the circuit is used to change current intensity, so as to control the strength of the refrigeration. If you change the polarity of the power supply, the hot and cold spots reciprocity. In order to improve the efficiency of refrigeration, but some of the same electric double parallel operation, also can be galvanic series operation. By above Hommy freezers editor, if you need more information can be found at https://www. hommy。 com
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