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by:Hommy     2020-07-14
A good freezer which freezers manufacturers a lot at present, enterprise to do so in the numerous manufacturers, how to do can be in an impregnable position? That need your products are superior in quality, first-class after-sales service and so on. This is a good freezer companies need to do the basic points. So, in the customer important consideration is the quality of the refrigerator or freezer price whether content is worth somewhat, and so on. Then we have to tell us the truth the most high-profile freezers quality from the customer. If you want to the quality of the freezer is leverage, you will need to freezer meet the following requirements: 1, the cooling performance is good, in the supermarket series freezer 1 meters will not be obvious at the sound of running compressor, touch series supermarket freezers top not there was an obvious vibration. Continuous operation and puts the thermostat strong cold spots, 2 ~ 3 hours, frost is good, still no line blocking phenomenon. If the electricity is still not frosted 30 minutes after the evaporator surface or only part of the frost, or start operation after a period of time and melt, belong to the cooling performance is bad, this is the basic performance of the freezer needs to amount to mark. 2, you will need to freezer temperature control performance is good, so how to calculate? Under the condition of the environment temperature is about 30 ℃, put the thermostat at neutral position, under the condition of normal use, supermarket series freezer 1 ~ 2 hours after operation, can reach the required temperature, the temperature dropped to the star stipulated by the low temperature freezer, cold storage temperature is not higher than 5 ℃, and the series of supermarket freezers can automatically stop, for a period of time ( The temperature recovery is higher than the setting temperature) And then automatically drive that can drive by a certain time interval, stop, and every temperature meet the temperature requirements, general supermarket freezers series normal starting number should not be more than 6 ~ 9 times per hour, running time generally less than the outage time of heat preservation. 3, freezers, frost, also is one of many clients need to consider the range of, the supermarket freezers series with a semi-automatic frost device to run to the evaporator coagulate frost on the surface of 3 ~ 6 mm ( Or evaporator temperature from 0 to factory) When frost button, compressor can automatically stop and begin to frost, frost refrigeration compressor will start automatically after resume. After the frost, evaporator and drain road influence should not be in a series of supermarket freezers normal work of the frost. If they can do, so the production quality of freezer, refrigeration, etc. Are all very good. , of course, this is a good freezer enterprises are done first, and then is the enterprise brand, freezer price whether can meet customer needs, and so on. The above articles from Hommy freezers, provide various, medical freezers, freezer price supermarket freezers, freezer, convenience store industry, hotels, cake, stainless steel, etc. Series of freezer, for details, please login: freezer at https://www. hommy。 Com free order hotline: 400 - 6300 - 692
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