5 trends in the ice cream industry, which products

by:Hommy     2020-04-02
The variety of ice creams in the freezer has become a common scene in summer. The hot summer of 2018 is about to pass. What other ice creams can beat Qunfang and win the favor of consumers? Trend 1: High Protein & Low Sugar Ice Cream The low-sugar and low-calorie ice cream boom set off by Halo Top has almost swept the entire summer. Albertsons has launched an Open Nature Scandal-less ice cream, which is a high-protein ice cream made using only natural ingredients and using stevia, The sweetness provided by sucrose and erythritol makes the product reduce 67% fat and 45% calories compared to regular ice cream. There are seven flavors of the new product: mocha chocolate, cookie cream, cookie, mint, peanut butter, sea salt caramel and vanilla, 380 calories per pint. Trend two: culinary-inspired ice cream Signature Reserve is a new top-of-the-line culinary retail brand created by the Albertsons retailer. It aims to provide unparalleled exquisite taste to users who are obsessed with exceptional product quality for special moments of indulgence in life. In recent years, consumers are gradually increasing their interest in cooking trends, and Signature Reserve has spotlighted this trend and launched unique and exciting ice cream products. Signature Reserve's first ice cream comes in 7 flavors, including Brazilian Guava Cheesecake, Madagascar Vanilla, Colombian Cold Caramel, Bourbon Maple Leaf, Indian Cardamom Pistachio, Caramel Apple Tea, and Belgian Chocolate Almond flavor, perfect for everyday entertainment or indulgence. These ice creams are available at Albertsons stores including the namesake Albertsons, Jewel-Osco and Safeway supermarkets. The company also plans to launch other categories of new products under Signature Reserve in 2018, such as high-end pasta and sauces imported from Italy, single-serve coffee from Sumatra and Nicaragua, and four hand-picked tea leaves. Signature Reserve has very strict requirements on raw materials. It searches the world for ingredients and flavors that match its products, and then rigorously screens them through professional culinary professionals and industry experts to obtain the Signature Reserve label. Trend 3: Vegan Ice Cream McConnell Fine Ice Creams is a 70-year-old family-owned dairy company in California that has entered the growing plant-based food sector. They revolutionized ice cream with a series of non-dairy frozen desserts, and the high standard products are very challenging. After more than half a year of exploration, McConnell's co-founder and chef Eva Ein finally found the secret weapon that satisfies the high-end quality positioning of the product, which is pea protein. McConnell's vegan ice cream is made from a patented blend of 100% micronized pea protein (McConnell's P3). Pea protein is a sustainable protein from yellow peas that is very similar to the ingredients used in many of the cutting-edge vegetarian and milk substitutes in the food industry. This series of ice cream currently has five flavors: cookie cream flavor, dark chocolate chip flavor, eureka lemon flavor, roasted coconut almond chip flavor and Turkish coffee flavor. Containing 18.5% milk fat per serving, this product has lower fat, sugar content and cholesterol compared to ordinary ice cream. Trend 4: Fun & Refreshing Packaging This summer, Nestle Ice Cream regained those fun-filled designs and imaginations to fill this void. Nestl茅 has licensed characters from Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman from DC Comics to launch three healthy ice creams under the Dreyer's and Edy's brands. In order to gain more recognition from mothers, ice cream does not contain artificial colors and flavors. Among them, Batman Dark Knight Brownie-flavored chocolate ice cream with bat-shaped chocolate chips, brownie chocolate pieces and fudge; Superman cookie-flavored ice cream with red and gold cookie pieces and blue sugar; Wonder Woman Gold Lasso-flavored ice cream, mixed with vanilla and caramel flavor, with star-shaped caramel flakes and whole wheat crackers. There are comics on the back of each package, and consumers can collect four comics from each superhero and enjoy exclusive DC comics. Many companies are updating and upgrading ice cream packaging to stand out from the crowded retail freezers. Hiland Dairy Foods is launching a range of high-end ice creams in new packaging in response to consumer demands for food label transparency and reduced packaging waste. The three new flavors are: Hiland Time Traveler features French silky ice cream, with marshmallows, thin chocolate chips and thick fudge sauce, full of excitement, inspired by Silver Dollar City's revolutionary new space-time traveler The roller coaster is known as the world's fastest, steepest and highest spiked roller coaster; Caramel Waffle Cone is a caramel ice cream paired with milk chocolate and fudge waffles; CherryChocolate Chunk is a cherry flavored ice cream that contains real Cherries and chocolate bars. Trend five: bold and rich taste experience In addition to working on packaging design, there are also some bold challenges in flavor and taste, such as the series of extremely acidic ice cream bars PuckerPowder Sour Bars launched by Prairie Farms Dairy, including green apple, lemon, watermelon and wild Cherry and other flavors. Ben & Jerry created the first biscuit ice cream in 1984, and this year introduced three new flavors for store use only. Among them, Chip Off The DOUGH Block! With chocolate chips and chopped chocolate cookies; PB DOUGH-ble Chocolate with peanut butter and peanut butter cookies, with dark chocolate and milk chocolate ice cream; Cinn-DOUGH-rella cinnamon and caramel ice cream with Shortbread cookies, cinnamon and oatmeal cinnamon cookies. In the interesting field, Ben & Jerry's under Unilever is always in a leading position. This summer, Ben & Jerry's and Phish continued to collaborate and launched the third version of It's Ice ... Cream, a new flavor inspired by the beloved Vermont quartet. It is a blend of almond toffee flakes, fudge and caramel. Into caramel malt ice cream. Ice cream is a popular category that many startups and industry big names compete with.
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