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3 Flavor Ice Cream Vending Machine - A New Asian Avenue 2.0


How the 3 Flavor Ice Cream Selling Machines Work

The 3 flavor ice cream selling machines are user-friendly and uncomplicated machines that are already famous due to their easy handling. They are easy to operate due to the large Lcd display which displays menus and an easy-to-operate button. Furthermore, they are compact and space-saving machines that can be placed easily in the smallest of spaces.

The 3 flavors ice cream machine combines the traditional three flavors of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry and, thus, makes possible the quick preparation of premium, delicious and high quality products. These machines are practical, easy to use, and because of their creamy flavors, they are suitable for the making of soft, slushy and frozen milk at affordable prices. They are particularly useful for the fast preparation and sale of gelato, artisanal ice-cream, ice lollies and frozen yogurt.

They are automatic and semi-automatic machines with high-quality components, made entirely out of stainless steel, which reduce wear. The 3 flavor ice-cream-selling machines are fully refrigerated, easy to use and to clean and are equipped with a digital timer and motor protection system that prolongs the motor’s lifespan and makes the equipment durable. Thanks to their simple and innovative design, these ice cream making machines are ideal for those ice-cream parlors, restaurants and hotels that prepare and serve a high number of pure and natural products.

The 3 Flavor Ice-Cream Selling Machine is a product from the range of manual style traditional / classic and full-automatic freezer / batch freezer / soft cream / stick / paste / water / sorbet / granita / yogurt / mix / flakes / mamba with stunning design, durable material, stable refrigeration, top quality, beautiful looking and excellent efficiency.

Attached to the hood, the electronic board is protected by reinforced glass and is easy to access and maintain. The display system consists of the integrated numeric / alphanumeric keyboard and the large 7” HD touch screen panel, with multilingual settings.

The 3 flavor ice cream selling machine platform is made of stainless steel and is equipped with a quality lever that makes the process of loading and unloading of the trolley easier. A removable drip-holder or grid is fitted underneath each tank, to ensure the correct drainage of the slurry or liquid that mixes with the mixture during the freezing process. The 3 flavor ice cream selling machine has a comprehensive security system, which cuts off the production cycle as soon as the temperature in the freezer cabinet exceeds the programmed value.

It’s well-known for its low power consumption and excellent energy saving performance. It’s equipped with a PID controller and display the temperature in real time. Depending on the control and conditions, it can even save more.

Equipped with a compressor system, which works quietly and without vibration. Its heating power can be adjusted to ensure excellent cold retention. All its sensitive organs and moving parts are insulated and thoroughly protected.

The 3 flavor ice cream selling machine has a variety of built-in functions that make it easy, safe and economical to use. The digital control panel and LCD touch screen allow quick and easy operation.

It is equipped with an emergency stop switch, which makes the machine safer to use, especially when in the hands of inexperienced users or children.

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