Soft ice cream machine
   vending soft ice cream machine
   frozen yogurt machine
   soft ice cream machine
   soft ice cream blender
   hard ice cream machine
        Juice machine
   slush machine
   sugarcane juice machine
   dispenser juice machine
   orange juice machine
        Ice cream cone machine
   ice cream cone machine
   automatic waffle cone machine
        Pizza cone machine
   pizza cone machine
   rotating pizza oven
   pizza cone display
   dough depositor and roller
   pizza cone working table
        Popsicle machine
   popsicle machine
   packing machine
   popsicle freezer
        Ice block machine
   ice block machine
   ice maker
        Snack machine
   popcorn machine
   hot chocolate dispenser
   candy machine
   frozen yogurt powder
   stirring ice maker
   hotdog machine
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Hommy Enterprise (Xinhui) Co.LTD.,was founded in 1999 that locate in jiangmen city ,Guangdong province China.Hommy Enterprise produce soft ice cream machine,juice machine,vending ice cream machine,ice cream cone machine,pizza cone machine.we are manufacturer of all kind of cooling produce and food-processing machine and our factory area is about 30500 sq.m.,our produce have soft ice cream machine,Gelato machine,slush machine,ice cream showcase,ice cream cone machine,cold drinking dispenser,sugar cane juice extractor,ice mader at the same time....

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Popsicle Machine HM-PM-05
Automatic Ice Cream Machine HM931
Vending Machine HM736
Vending Ice Cream Machine HM766
Ice Cream Crazy Blender HM23
Hard Ice Cream Machine HM38S
Hard Ice Cream Cone HM-PO-03
Slush Ice Machine HM122
Pizza Cone Machine PA-C4
Rotating Pizza Oven PA-1
Ice Cream Cone
sugcan juice machine ZJ170A
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The defrost function
How to clean the machine?
How to warranty the machine by ourselves?
How long we need to clean the machine?
How long we need to change the roller?
How to setup ice cream capacity?
Your machine have defrost function inside for...
Your vending ice cream machine can use our co...
The vending ice cream machine inside can keep...
How to make popcorn?What kind of corn we use ...
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  soft ice cream Powder
  Ice Block Making Machine HM-PM-63
  Automatic ice cream cone maker BDPO-C
  Table Top Frozen Yogurt machine HM118
  FroYo machine HM729
  FroYo maker HM728
  Frozen Yogurt machine HM725
  Automatic Shake freezer HM160-F015-PC
  Block Making Machine HM-PM-62
  Block Ice Machine HM-PM-50
  Pizza Cone Production Line
  Dough Mixer G60
  Pizza Cone Display Cabin PA-D2
  Commercial Blender HM25
  PA-4 hotdog display showcase
  PA-C6 Sausage Machine
  Stirring Ice Maker HM-SM-600
  Stirring Ice Machine HM-SM-500
  Drinking commerical Hot Chocolate Dispenser HM-CD-04
  Cotton Candy machine HM-ET-MF02
  Candy floss machine HM-ET-MF01
  Chocolate Dip Coater HM-CD-01/HM-CD-02
  Commerical hot Chocolate Dispenser HM-CD-03
  One off Dispenser HM26
  Soft Ice Cream Machine HM726
  Berryo Yoghurt powder
  Waffle Cone Machine BDPO-D/BDPO-E
  Soft Serve Machine HM706
  Automatic Ice Cream Machine HM931
  Automatic Ice Cream Cone Machine HM931-C

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